May 25, 2022 10:16 pm

Michael Jordan’s Mother Behind Those Legendary ‘Flying Shoes’

Air Jordan, a shoe that is so attached to basketball star Michael Jordan. But none of this would have worked without the help of Jordan’s mother, even without that Bran wouldn’t have gone global.

For sneaker lovers or shoe collectors, of course, Air Jornal is a must-have collection. Moreover, the first released Air Jordan 1 shoes, which until now have been the most sought after.

So in demand, this shoe has the cheapest price reaching 1,500 dollars or around 20 million rupiah. Even though in 2015 the Air Jordan 1 shoes were only priced at 800 dollars or 12 million rupiah. Shoes that have a blend of white, red, and black are called tradition breaker, because at that time the NBA banned such colors.

However, Nike’s Air Jordan shoes would not be as popular as they are today if the NBA superstar had not obeyed his mother Deloris Jordan’s orders. It all started in 1984 when Jordan was playing his first year in the NBA as a Bulls player.

History of Air Jordan

Withdrawn after his brilliant performance at North Carolina University, Jordan should have chosen the Converse brand which was then used by top basketball players such as Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

However, Jordan’s agent David Falk thinks otherwise. Seeing Jordan’s potential to become a big star, he chose to find another brand that dared to make special shoes for his client.

Adidas as the top sports producer at that time was then interested in asking for Jordan. The agreement was almost reached because Jordan apparently really wanted to wear Adidas shoes.

Unfortunately, Adidas was unable to provide special shoes for Jordan because they considered him a new Rookie status. Then, came Nike who offered a special shoe contract for Jordan.

Initially, Jordan insisted that he did not want to meet Nike representatives because he only wanted to work with Adidas. This frustrated Falk and had to call for reinforcements, namely Delores as Jordan’s mother.

“I wanted Michael to work with Nike because they were on their way up. Unfortunately I couldn’t get him to go visit Nike’s office, so I contacted his parents,” Falk said.

Delores forced his son to listen to Nike’s offer and Jordan finally complied.

“My mother said ‘You have to listen to their offer. Maybe you won’t like it, but at least listen to their offer first. She finally got me to listen to their offer.”

Jordan finally signed a contract that lasted 250,000 US dollars today. After that the rest is history, Jordan became a big player and the Air Jordan brand is now global, including sponsoring the third jersey of the Paris Saint-Germain football club.

For your information, in Jordan’s first year wearing the shoes, Nike managed to make a profit of 126 million US dollars from sales, far exceeding their prediction of 3 million US dollars!

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