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Air Jordan, Adidas’ Biggest blunder

If Adidas had spent a little more money in 1984, today’s Nike probably wouldn’t have had success with Michael Jordan with the Air Jordan.

To this day, Adidas’ decision not to sign Jordan in 1984 was considered a major blunder in the history of the sport. Early in his career as a basketball athlete, jrodan always fell in love with Adidas shoes.

Based on the news, Jordan was even forced to use Converse while strengthening North Carolina because their coach at the time, Dean Smith, turned out to have contact with Converse.

When selected for the Chicaso Bulls in the 1984 NBA, Jordan received several offers from Sports Apparel such as Adidas, Nike and Converse. Jordan already owned Adidas and at that time turned down Converse’s offer.

“I never used Nike until I signed a contract with Nike. Until college I used Converse and until then my favorite shoe was adidas. To the point that people recruited me for the shoes I was going to wear, I’m pro Adidas”, Jordan said.

“Until Nike had a presentation with me, they really got me involved in shoe making. Design the shoes I wanted to wear and but I’m very loyal to Adidas.”

“With the adidas people who made contact with me, I said this is a contract given by Nike. If you are close to the value of their contract, then I will sign a contract with you”, he continued.

However, Adidas did not go the extra mile to get his signature. The reason is simple, Adidas is a European product and does not yet see the NBA as an important market. At that time adidas prioritized big, tall players like Karem Abdul Jabbar.

Nike then signed Jordan for five years with a value of 250 thousand USD per year. Air Jordan products saved Nike from adversity. Business Insider reports that Air Jordan gives Nike profits of up to 3 billion dollars per year.

“It’s hard to say what would have happened if I had joined Adidas. For sure my game on the pitch wouldn’t have changed because of the shoes, but maybe I can help with how the shoes are marketed. Will Air Jordan products stay strong if they’re Adidas? We’ll never know “, said Jordan.

Michael Jordan Shoes Travel

Air Jordan has been an important part in the history of basketball, even the history of the sneaker since it was first introduced in 1985. There are many stories behind this sneaker, starting from being banned from playing in the NBA, until people believed to be able to fly wearing this sneaker (Air Jordan III). ). Besides being historic, Air Jordan also leaves memories for its owners.

Air Jordan is a basketball sneaker and sportswear brand manufactured by Nike. This brand is specially created for the most phenomenal basketball player in the world, Michael Jordan. The original Air Jordan I sneakers, produced for Michael Jordan in 1984. But only released to the market in 1985. Air Jordan sneakers were designed by Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield and Bruce Kilgore. Believe it or not, until now Nike still produces all Air Jordan variants.

Sejak diperkenalkan ke pasar sneaker olahraga, Air Jordan berevolusi dari sneaker basket asli ke berbagai model dan kegunaan berbeda. Ini ditunjukkan dengan varian I hingga XXXI. Air Jordan juga sudah menunjuk 21 pemain NBA aktif sebagai duta, termasuk Jimmy Butler, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook dan Carmelo Anthony. Jordan juga memproduksi beberapa sneaker untuk cabang olahraga lain seperti NFL, MLB hingga NASCAR.

Now Air Jordan has colored the sports market for three decades. This sneaker has gone from being a basketball kit to a collectible item. It’s not uncommon for sneakerheads to hunt Air Jordan not to wear it, but to admire its history. Given today’s developments, and the Air Jordan market, do we still dare to say that Kobe and LeBron are the best selling basketball sneakers. Make no mistake, Air Jordan is more deserving of that title.

Here’s a look at the Air Jordans launched by Nike, from Air Jordan I to XXXI. But this does not include the various variations that Nike does.

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