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10 Best Air Jordan 1 Retro Shoes

The Air Jordan 1 shoe was designed by Nike designer Peter Moore in 1985. The purpose of the shoe was none other than to meet the needs of Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan.

Of course, the Air Jordan 1 is currently a relatively popular basketball shoe among sneaker fans. But the popularity of the AJ 1 was not achieved by Nike easily.

When MJ – Michael Jordan’s nickname – began to be known to the public, he was approached by Nike to collaborate on designing shoes with “Jordan” frills. But surprisingly MJ refused, because he preferred the Converse Chuck Taylor to Nike sneakers.

According to MJ at the time, the sole of the Nike sneaker was too thick so he couldn’t feel comfortable when he stepped on the basketball court.

Nike is not desperate to hook MJ. The company with the swoosh logo then sent a sample of the Air Jordan 1 to MJ, although the player didn’t like the shoe’s design either.

Over time, Jordan began to use AJ 1 when competing. From there the Air Jordan 1 became a symbol of culture, the world of fashion, and streetwear. There are at least 10 Air Jordan 1 sneakers that have a cool look, including the latest release, the Air Jordan 1 Retro OG “Shadow 2.0”. All of these AJ 1 shoes are high cut. Want to know what shoes are meant?

1. Air Jordan 1 Retro OG “Shadow 2.0”

Release date: May 15, 2021

Lowest price: $170

Air Jordan 1 Retro OG “Shadow 2.0” uses a neutral color palette, similar to the original 1985 model in black/grey tones. ash. These shoes feature a black leather upper with a gray nubuck leather lining on the toe and heel. The gray tick logo on the sides is combined with the “Nike Air” branding on the tongue and Jordan Wings logo on the collar.

2. Air Jordan 1 Retro OG “Shadow” 2018

Release date: April 14, 2018

Lowest price: $210

This shoe is a re-release of the 1985 shoe model that has the original color scheme. The AJ 1 Retro OG Shadow has a black and gray leather upper, with a white midsole and black outsole. There is also Nike Air branding on the tongue and the Jordan Wings logo on the collar.

3. Air Jordan 1 Retro OG “Banned” 2016

Release date: September 2, 2016

Lowest price: $299

The NBA banned these shoes in 1985, and MJ was fined $5,000 per game because the shoes didn’t include white as part of the official colors. the Chicago Bulls team. Nike also took a step by creating a campaign to launch the Air Jordan “Banned” line of shoes. These shoes were made retro versions in 1994, 2011, 2013 and 2016. Especially for shoes made in 2011, there is an “X” symbol on the heel which refers to the nickname “Banned”.

4. Air Jordan 1 Retro OG

Release date: May 29, 2015

Lowest price: $900

The Air Jordan 1 Retro OG “Chicago” was designed to save MJ from being fined $5,000 per game from the NBA after the original AJ shoes in black and red were banned. The “Chicago” was the first retro shoe made in 1994 and Situs Slot777 retained the design of the 1985 AJ 1 OG Chicago. After that, Jordan’s label released a Retro version of this shoe in 2013 with a few design changes. Then in 2015, the AJ 1 Retro Chicago came with original brand details in the form of a Nike Air logo on the tongue and heel that did not have the Jumpman logo.

5. Air Jordan 1 Retro OG “Royal” 2017

Release date: April 1, 2017

Lowest price: $469

In 1985 sports photographer Chuck Kohn photographed Michael Jordan in an Air Jordan 1 Royals. Kohn’s photo later became a Nike poster, and from that photo the public learned that MJ was wearing the Air Jordan 1 sneaker. The Air Jordan 1 Royal was also Jordan’s first shoe that was sold freely, not only made for the player to wear. For the record, the AJ 1 Royal, along with the AJ 1 “Banned” and “Chicago” shoes have never been worn by MJ on the basketball court. Since 1985, AJ 1 Royal has been re-released in 2001, 2013, and 2017.

6. Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Retro OG

Release date: May 11, 2019

Lowest price: $1,524

The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Retro offers a new look with a large inverted swoosh logo on the side panel. Daftar Slot777 The traditional swoosh logo sits on the medial side, made of white leather and brown suede. Additional details on the shoe include double lining at the collar, and rapper Travis Scott’s face logo on the heel. The swoosh logo, laces and heel are all painted in black, while the heel of the shoe features a “sicko” print. Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Retro OG “Mocha” has a small pocket that adorns the ankle. Finally, the inside of the shoe is given the color “university red”, matching the color of the words “Cactus Jack” on the tongue.

7. Air Jordan 1 Retro OG “Shattered Backboard

Release date: June 26, 2015

Lowest price: $1,450

On Nike’s 1985 European tour, Michael Jordan dunked to destroy the basketball hoop in a match. In the match, MJ wore an orange, black, and white uniform. To commemorate the moment with the uniform worn by MJ, Jordan’s label released the first version of the Air Jordan Retro OG “Shattered Backboard” in 2015. The shoe features high-quality leather and touches of orange, black and white colors taken from MJ’s current team uniform. the historic match of 1985.

8. Off-White x Air Jordan 1 Retro OG “UNC”

Release date: May 23, 2018

Lowest price: $1,800

Air Jordan 1 Retro OG “UNC” is inspired by MJ’s college, University of North Carolina. These shoes carry two classic colors that are given a design touch by Virgil Abloh. The shoe design process includes using white leather with a dark blue lining, IDN Slot 777 as well as adding ornaments or decorations such as the Jordan Wings logo, embossed swoosh logo, and text on the medial side of the shoe.

9. Air Jordan 1 Retro OG “Pine Green”

Release date: 22 September 2018

Lowest price: $460

The Air Jordan 1 Retro OG “Pine Green” is a revamp of the classic design of the AJ 1 “Black Toe” model first introduced in 1985. The upper The shoe uses black and white leather with “Pine Green” accents on the heel, outsole, and a black Jordan Wings logo on the collar. The white toebox in the AJ 1 Black Toe version, was replaced with the color “Pine Green”.

10. Dior x Air Jordan 1

Release date: June 25, 2020

Lowest price: $7,511

The Jordan label collaborated with fashion house Dior to create history, by presenting the Dior x Air Jordan 1 shoe. These shoes were created by the two collaborators to coincide with the silhouette’s birthday celebration The 35th Air Jordan 1, as well as the debut of the Dior Men collection in the United States. The Dior x Air Jordan 1 shoe is the first product the Jordan label has worked on with Dior, and the number of shoes is limited to only 8,500 pairs and is numbered.

Designer Kim Jones created this shoe in white and gray on the upper, using Italian leather. Meanwhile, some details on the edges are made by hand or handmade. The shoe’s branding includes a Dior tongue tag, a swoosh logo with an oblique jacquard print, a Jordan wing logo that reads “Air Dior”, and an ice blue outsole.

The Hidden Part of Air Jordan 1 History

Long before Jordan Brand became Nike’s gold barn, there were many unknown stories about the birth of the shoe that catapulted the Jordan Brand. Check out the history of the birth of the first Air Jordan series which eventually became an important part of the world’s sneaker culture: Air Jordan 1.

Since his first season in the NBA, Nike has been desperate to propose to Michael Jordan. However, the player who eventually became one of the NBA legends did not want to join the Oregon-based company. At that time, MJ actually wanted to join Converse because his favorite shoe on the basketball court was the Converse Chuck Taylor.

However, Nike continued to woo. In fact, Nike asked Michael Jordan’s parents to encourage MJ to visit Nike’s headquarters. Their pitch was simple: they wanted to create a brand based on Michael Jordan. However, Jordan was not at all impressed with Nike’s proposed shoe design. According to him, the soles of Nike shoes are too thick, and he feels like he doesn’t touch the ground when wearing them. Nike responded by promising to design a shoe with a thinner sole.

Nike’s creative director at the time, Peter Moore, was tasked with designing the first shoe for Michael Jordan. At first, MJ didn’t like the Air Jordan 1 design. “I don’t want to wear those shoes. I will look like a clown.” However, after a while, MJ started to like the design. Nike is also preparing to release it to the market.

Camera tricks and marketing strategies

Air Jordan 1 was released in 1985, at the end of MJ’s rookie season in the NBA. However, because the shoes would not be ready until the end of November 1985, Nike gave Jordan a shoe similar to the AJ1. The choice fell on the Nike Air Ship whose design was indeed similar to the Air Jordan 1. At that time, the TB camera and screen technology was not as sophisticated as it is today. So, the Nike Air Ship looks the same as the Air Jordan 1.

When he heard the news about Michael Jordan’s new shoes violating NBA rules, then NBA commissioner Russ Granik sent a letter to Nike. However, what Russ Granik sent was a warning letter, not a fine as many people know. To date, there is absolutely no concrete evidence of the US$5,000 fine that Michael Jordan receives every time he remembers the Air Jordan 1 “Bred”.

In Nike’s eyes, it doesn’t matter. As soon as Nike heard the news that the NBA didn’t like the Air Jordan 1 shoe, their marketing team took advantage of the problem to drive sales of the AJ1. A few weeks later, Nike released a new ad: “On October 15, Nike created a revolutionary new basketball shoe. On October 18, the NBA threw them out of the game. Fortunately, the NBA can’t stop you from wearing them. Air Jordans. From Nike.” The ad was successful in driving sales, and the first MJ shoes sold out in all stores. At that time, Nike priced the AJ1 at US$65. The price was quite high, but it still sold.

Excess stock and perched on the discount shelf

In MJ’s second season in the NBA, Nike released 13 colors for the Air Jordan 1 series. You may know some of them: Bred, Chicago, Black Toe, Shadow, Carolina Blue, Black & White, Blue & White, Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Purple, and Natural Grey. Although Nike has released a lot of colorways for the AJ1, the 13 colors above will always be known as the OG colorway.

When these shoes run out on the market, Nike immediately restocks them. However, they miscalculated and produced too much. These AJ1 shoes did not sell well and sat on the shelves for years. Some stores even discount it up to US$20. Something that is impossible to happen in today’s reseller era.

Auction Record, Air Jordan Exceeds $560,000

The memorabilia of the living NBA legend Michael Jordan remains the world’s most sought-after collector’s item. The inaugural edition of the Air Jordan shoes worn by player number 23 in his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls in 1985 was sold at a fantastic price, $560.000.

This figure also broke the sneaker sales record in Sotheby’s auction history.

According to a Reuters report, the Air Jordan 1 was designed in 1985. Like all shoes ever designed for Jordan, the red, white, and black combination shoes match the oversized Chicago Bulls colors even though they are a pair. The right one is 13.5, while the left is 13.

The shoe was previously a collection of Jordan Geller. He is the owner of the Shoezeum sneaker museum in Las Vegas, United States. Geller said that he has owned them since 2012. While in his museum, the shoes are like gem artifacts that always manage to amaze visitors.

“People came, saw, and even prayed in his presence,” Geller told Fox Business.

The first shoes that Jordan signed were finally released at a price of USD 560 thousand (Rp 8.3 billion). Far beyond the initial prediction of only USD 100 thousand (Rp 1.48 billion) to USD 150 thousand (Rp 2.23 billion). This figure immediately broke the record for sneakers auction in Sotheby’s history.

There are 10 bidders competing for the shoes. “In the online bidding war, the value of the shoe jumped to $300,000 in the last 20 minutes before the auction closed,” reads an official statement released by the New York-based auction house.

The bidders are in six countries from four continents

Sotheby’s is actually an auction house that more often offers a variety of art items. However, they started holding sneaker auctions last year.

At that time, the auction value of the highest sneaker in the world was immediately broken at a price of USD 437,500. The shoe being auctioned is a 1972 Nike running Moon Shoe edition. The record was only broken yesterday with the sale of the Air Jordan 1.

Initially, Geller admitted that he never thought about selling one of his favorite collections. However, with the release of the documentary series The Last Dance, he saw a great opportunity that world collectors would be hunting for Jordan’s memorabilia again.

The Last Dance is a 10-episode documentary series that chronicles Michael Jordan’s career with the Chicago Bulls. “I think this is the right time to let him go,” said Geller.

The auction was also held to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Air Jordan brand.

Nike Air Jordan 1 with “Glass Glass” Sold for $615.000

One of them is the Nike Air Jordan 1 “Chicago”, the shoes Jordan had worn when he dunked to destroy the basketball hoop (backboard) in a pre-season match in Italy. The shoes were reportedly sold at auction for $615,000.

The bidding figure broke the world record paid for a pair of sneakers. In August 1985, after winning the Rookie of the Year award, Michael Jordan was invited to participate in a Nike-sponsored exhibition match in Trieste, Italy.

The player nicknamed MJ eventually scored 30 points, but the memorable moment was when Jordan smashed the basketball hoop or backboard by flying high and did one of his trademark dunks. The Nike Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” that was auctioned was the one Jordan was wearing at the time, and there is still a piece of glass stuck in the outsole of the left shoe.

In 2015, Nike paid homage to that moment by releasing the Nike Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboard” in black and orange. The color combination was inspired by the color scheme of the Trieste uniform and has now been released in four different variants.

Previously, in May, a pair of game-worn Nike Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” shoes sold for $560,000. The sales figure exceeded pre-auction predictions, which amounted to 150,000 US dollars or around Rp. 2.2 billion and set a record as the most expensive sneaker sold at auction. However, the record was successfully broken with the same shoe.

However, the Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” that Jordan wore in 1985 has a special story, what if it wasn’t a shard of glass lodged in the outsole of the shoe.

Air Jordan, Adidas’ Biggest blunder

If Adidas had spent a little more money in 1984, today’s Nike probably wouldn’t have had success with Michael Jordan with the Air Jordan.

To this day, Adidas’ decision not to sign Jordan in 1984 was considered a major blunder in the history of the sport. Early in his career as a basketball athlete, jrodan always fell in love with Adidas shoes.

Based on the news, Jordan was even forced to use Converse while strengthening North Carolina because their coach at the time, Dean Smith, turned out to have contact with Converse.

When selected for the Chicaso Bulls in the 1984 NBA, Jordan received several offers from Sports Apparel such as Adidas, Nike and Converse. Jordan already owned Adidas and at that time turned down Converse’s offer.

“I never used Nike until I signed a contract with Nike. Until college I used Converse and until then my favorite shoe was adidas. To the point that people recruited me for the shoes I was going to wear, I’m pro Adidas”, Jordan said.

“Until Nike had a presentation with me, they really got me involved in shoe making. Design the shoes I wanted to wear and but I’m very loyal to Adidas.”

“With the adidas people who made contact with me, I said this is a contract given by Nike. If you are close to the value of their contract, then I will sign a contract with you”, he continued.

However, Adidas did not go the extra mile to get his signature. The reason is simple, Adidas is a European product and does not yet see the NBA as an important market. At that time adidas prioritized big, tall players like Karem Abdul Jabbar.

Nike then signed Jordan for five years with a value of 250 thousand USD per year. Air Jordan products saved Nike from adversity. Business Insider reports that Air Jordan gives Nike profits of up to 3 billion dollars per year.

“It’s hard to say what would have happened if I had joined Adidas. For sure my game on the pitch wouldn’t have changed because of the shoes, but maybe I can help with how the shoes are marketed. Will Air Jordan products stay strong if they’re Adidas? We’ll never know “, said Jordan.

Michael Jordan Shoes Travel

Air Jordan has been an important part in the history of basketball, even the history of the sneaker since it was first introduced in 1985. There are many stories behind this sneaker, starting from being banned from playing in the NBA, until people believed to be able to fly wearing this sneaker (Air Jordan III). ). Besides being historic, Air Jordan also leaves memories for its owners.

Air Jordan is a basketball sneaker and sportswear brand manufactured by Nike. This brand is specially created for the most phenomenal basketball player in the world, Michael Jordan. The original Air Jordan I sneakers, produced for Michael Jordan in 1984. But only released to the market in 1985. Air Jordan sneakers were designed by Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield and Bruce Kilgore. Believe it or not, until now Nike still produces all Air Jordan variants.

Sejak diperkenalkan ke pasar sneaker olahraga, Air Jordan berevolusi dari sneaker basket asli ke berbagai model dan kegunaan berbeda. Ini ditunjukkan dengan varian I hingga XXXI. Air Jordan juga sudah menunjuk 21 pemain NBA aktif sebagai duta, termasuk Jimmy Butler, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook dan Carmelo Anthony. Jordan juga memproduksi beberapa sneaker untuk cabang olahraga lain seperti NFL, MLB hingga NASCAR.

Now Air Jordan has colored the sports market for three decades. This sneaker has gone from being a basketball kit to a collectible item. It’s not uncommon for sneakerheads to hunt Air Jordan not to wear it, but to admire its history. Given today’s developments, and the Air Jordan market, do we still dare to say that Kobe and LeBron are the best selling basketball sneakers. Make no mistake, Air Jordan is more deserving of that title.

Here’s a look at the Air Jordans launched by Nike, from Air Jordan I to XXXI. But this does not include the various variations that Nike does.

Air Jordan Rare Sneakers For Sale 30.000 Dollars

These classic Air Jordan sneakers, made exclusively for Kobe Bryant, are back on the market. But this time it’s not for the lower middle class.

The Sepati set, which was not released for general sale, was called the Kobe Bryant Pack. This includes the Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 8, which are now on sale at Stadium Goods in a size 7 1/2.

How much it costs? No half-hearted you will find the price of 1 set of this kovbe with a nominal value of US $ 30,000. Reported by Footwear News, these 2 Air Jordan sneakers were worn by Kobe Bryant in the 2002-2003/NBA season.

These shoes are white with yellow and purple accents. Reportedly, this shoe was specifically made for this basketball player, nicknamed the Black Mamba. In addition to Nike with his Air Jordan, Kobe Bryant has also released exclusive sneakers with adidas. His partnership with adidas lasted from 1996 to 2002.

From that collaboration, at least Kobe made six shoes for Adidas, dubbed KB8, KB8 2, KB8 3, adidas The Kobe, adidas The Kobe 2, and lastly adidas The Kobe 3. While for Nike, from 2006 to 2014 Kobe made approx. nine shoes.

The Sneaker That Colored Kobe Bryant’s Life

Kobe Bryant, died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas California. This sad news is a big loss for his fans and also for basketball lovers in the world.

The man who was born on August 23, 1978, started his basketball career at a relatively cheap age. He entered the NBA at 18 years old and since then Kobe Bryant has become an Icon.

The proof. Adidas even immediately embraced him and gave the Adidas EQT in the early Rookie career. After that, throughout his 20-year career until 2016, Kobe’s life was colored by a series of shoe signatures. Here are a few:

  • Crazy 2 – 1998

In 1998, adidas released a new variant with the name Crazy 2. This sneaker comes with a design that is quite excessive, both on the lateral and the print on the top. The adidas triple stripe logo is made in slightly subtle accents on the surface.

  • KB8 III – 1999

Collecting the previous Crazy 2 1998, Kobe Bryant also finally got the simple Signature Shoes. Almost the same as Crazy 2 but with the loss of the wave design on the lateral side.

  • The Kobe – 2000

This shoe has a futuristic design with a minimalist rigid cut. These shoes are said to have brought Kobe into the success scene of his era.

  • The Kobe Two – 2001

The space feel of the first Kobe has returned to this edition of the shoe. With a minimalist design, these shoes are more like Astronaut footwear.

  • Zoom Kobe 1 – 2005

The dispute over the length of Kobe Bryant’s switch from Adidas to Nike has ended in court. To make this 1 star dim the shoe business.

It wasn’t until 2005 that Kobe Bryant was able to get his Signature Shoes back in the Nike Zoom Kobe 1 shoe. This was Kobe’s first shoe with Nike.

  • Zoom Kobe II – 2007

Kobe’s second shoe with Nike is arguably more stylist than the first. There are additional patterns and straps on the sneaker, which was launched in 2007.

  • Zoom Kobe III – 2008

1 year later, Nika made a new shoe for Kobe with a net pattern, which reportedly is not just an additional accessory. The net pattern is said to provide maximum support for the feet.

On the other hand, the cut of the net makes Nike more free to play with color. The air cushion support carbon plate technology in the tread is maintained.

  • Zoom Kobe IV – 2008

In the same year, Kobe and Nike entered a new chapter. Nike launched the Kobe IV with a short cut that took inspiration from soccer shoes. This creation was also the beginning of the trend of wearing Low Cut shoes for basketball players.

  • Zoom Kobe V (2009), VI (2010), VII (2011), VIII (2012), 9 (2014), Kobe X dan Kobe XI

Kobe started making shoes with Roman serials from 1 to 11 from year to year. This makes the addition of his shoe collection to be more and more.

  • Nike Kobe A.D

After retiring, Kobe is still working with Nike and making Signature Shoes again. The Nike Kobe A.D. is Kobe’s first shoe after his retirement in the NBA league.Setelah penisun Kobe ternyata masih bekerjasama dengan Nike dan membuat Sepatu Signature lagi. Nike Kobe A.D adalah sepatu pertama Kobe setelah masa pensiun di liga NBA.

This sneaker belongs to his old lightweight shoes with a low cut. This shoe combines the Zoom Air Unit on the Tumis and the Lunarlon Foam on the midsole.Sneaker ini tergolong mengikuti sepatu lamanya yang ringan dengan potongan rendah. Sepatu ini kombinasikan Zoom Air Unit pada Tumis dan Busa Lunarlon pada midsole.

  • Nike Kobe A.D MID

As the name implies, these shoes offer a medium cut to the ankle. The material is comfortable and the shoe remains lightweight. Evidently, these shoes have become the choice of a number of NBA stars such as Isaiah Thomas, DeRozan and Devin Booker.

  • Nike Kobe A.D NXT 360 `

This is the latest edition of Flyknitupper technology which is able to wrap the surface of the foot 360 degrees. These shoes are equipped with dual density foam in the midsole, which is the latest adoption of Nike Reach and Lunarlon.

Michael Jordan’s Mother Behind Those Legendary ‘Flying Shoes’

Air Jordan, a shoe that is so attached to basketball star Michael Jordan. But none of this would have worked without the help of Jordan’s mother, even without that Bran wouldn’t have gone global.

For sneaker lovers or shoe collectors, of course, Air Jornal is a must-have collection. Moreover, the first released Air Jordan 1 shoes, which until now have been the most sought after.

So in demand, this shoe has the cheapest price reaching 1,500 dollars or around 20 million rupiah. Even though in 2015 the Air Jordan 1 shoes were only priced at 800 dollars or 12 million rupiah. Shoes that have a blend of white, red, and black are called tradition breaker, because at that time the NBA banned such colors.

However, Nike’s Air Jordan shoes would not be as popular as they are today if the NBA superstar had not obeyed his mother Deloris Jordan’s orders. It all started in 1984 when Jordan was playing his first year in the NBA as a Bulls player.

History of Air Jordan

Withdrawn after his brilliant performance at North Carolina University, Jordan should have chosen the Converse brand which was then used by top basketball players such as Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

However, Jordan’s agent David Falk thinks otherwise. Seeing Jordan’s potential to become a big star, he chose to find another brand that dared to make special shoes for his client.

Adidas as the top sports producer at that time was then interested in asking for Jordan. The agreement was almost reached because Jordan apparently really wanted to wear Adidas shoes.

Unfortunately, Adidas was unable to provide special shoes for Jordan because they considered him a new Rookie status. Then, came Nike who offered a special shoe contract for Jordan.

Initially, Jordan insisted that he did not want to meet Nike representatives because he only wanted to work with Adidas. This frustrated Falk and had to call for reinforcements, namely Delores as Jordan’s mother.

“I wanted Michael to work with Nike because they were on their way up. Unfortunately I couldn’t get him to go visit Nike’s office, so I contacted his parents,” Falk said.

Delores forced his son to listen to Nike’s offer and Jordan finally complied.

“My mother said ‘You have to listen to their offer. Maybe you won’t like it, but at least listen to their offer first. She finally got me to listen to their offer.”

Jordan finally signed a contract that lasted 250,000 US dollars today. After that the rest is history, Jordan became a big player and the Air Jordan brand is now global, including sponsoring the third jersey of the Paris Saint-Germain football club.

For your information, in Jordan’s first year wearing the shoes, Nike managed to make a profit of 126 million US dollars from sales, far exceeding their prediction of 3 million US dollars!